Supply Conditions

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Every partner should record its Standard Operating System (SOP) for recording its works to submit in case of any requirement by associated authorities in the future.

Good Distribution Practices and Wholesale Dealer’s License

Every partner must follow Good Distribution Practice Guidelines in its business flow and must have a valid license (GDP – WDL) from its associated official authorities.

Import and Export Regulations

Every partner must observe associated regulations and laws for the import and export of pharmaceuticals. Every medicine must have an import permit from the related authority before trading.


Each partner must store its products in a clean, tidy, and duly organized warehouse. Products must store at the correct temperature conditions according to the required instructions.

Partners also must have a cold chain room and quality equipment for cold chain storage. Associated authorities should supervise the warehouse and it must have an official validation.


All of the employees of our partners should be well-trained and professional. All employments must have the necessary skills for their official responsibility in the company according to GDP guidelines.

Customer Relations Management System

Every partner should be accessible, accountable, and transparent in its business flow. We implement after-sales checks and questionnaires to measure customer satisfaction, and our staff is accessible every time for after-sales services.


Every medicine must be transported under the required conditions according to its product information and related regulations.

Every partner must use professional and proper solutions for transportation. Partners must work with professional service providers and subcontractors to transport medicine under proper circumstances.

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