International Sales

The increasing growth of the pharmaceutical sector also brings along an increasing variety of medications. In the global time period, this growth also affects the existence of medicines, market conditions, pricing rates, and selling conditions.

Pharmaceutical diversity, trade regulations, prices, terms of supply and sale may change according to relevant regulations in that country, and current market conditions.

Despite the pharmaceutical diversity many patients face supplying problems. Therewithal, healthcare providers, hospitals, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical trade companies too still have problems finding pharmaceuticals and supplying them.

We make it accessible the quality.

CGN Pharma is dedicated to averting facing problems caused by the effect of globalization.

The Young and well-trained CGN Pharma Team helps you with your requirement with manufacturers and distributors partners that proved their quality and popularity in the international area. Our professional procurement team enhances our manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and pharmacy network whilst the sales team bring together that pharmaceutical diversity with our valuable partners.

Our Partner Audience;

  • Private and State Hospitals
  • Governmental Health Institutions
  • Pharmacies and Clinics
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Trade Companies
  • Clinical Trial Institutions and Companies
  • Wholesalers