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About Us

Founded in 2015 in Cologne/Germany, CGN Pharma works with manufacturers, outstanding wholesalers, and distributors. We are helping our customers out of Germany to access top-quality German pharmaceutical products. The founder of the company has extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical distribution industry which dates the back to late 1980s.
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Ethical Rights

We believe health is everyone’s right and every person should access medicine treatment affordable and at the right time. Market conditions shouldn’t affect the patient treatment process and every medicine supplier should access the medicine without any complexity.

We proudly bring together thousands of medicines with our partners with affordable and exclusive services.

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International Sales

The increasing growth of the pharmaceutical sector also brings along an increasing variety of medications. In the global time period, this growth also affects the existence of medicines, market conditions, pricing rates, and selling conditions.

Pharmaceutical diversity, trade regulations, prices, terms of supply and sale may change according to relevant regulations in that country, and current market conditions.

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Your opinions are important for us. Get in touch for sharing your feedback and opinions about CGN and its services!

CGN Pharma dedicated itself to developing its services according to our partner’s objectives, opinions, and feedback. We would love to hear your opinions and evaluate them to improve our quality and customer-centralization mind.

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